When heading out to sea, you’ll want to pack a little differently than you would on any other trip — especially when you’re boarding a yacht. Yachts are large, recreational boats or ships, designed for luxury and unforgettable excursions. When packing for a day or overnight yachting adventure, be sure to have these things on board.


Depending on the size of the ship you’ll be setting sea on, you’ll want to think through what you bring on board. Are you going on an overnight adventure? Then you’ll want to pack all the things you would need to be comfortable for your stay, including daytime boating outfits (with swimsuits, coverups, and sandals), something dressy yet light to wear in the evening for dinner, overnight clothes and toiletries, and similar outfits for the next day. Depending on the season, you may want to pack a sweater or cardigan for the evenings in case the temps cool down.

It’s important to research the size of the ship you’ll be sailing so you can determine what type of luggage would be appropriate for your bedroom accommodations. Our 108 ft. Neoprene features 4 sizable staterooms and a spacious master suite so you and your guests will have plenty of room for luggage and lounging in your rooms. Not that you’ll want to when there are several sun pads, a canopy, and the al fresco dining space allowing for all-day relaxation with endless cocktails and a personal chef-prepared culinary experience.


Packing for a yacht trip can be similar to packing a bag for a day at the beach (a very extravagant, unforgettable beach). Be sure to pack a smaller beach bag to hold sunscreen for your face and body, sunglasses, lip balm with SPF, and insect repellant if you plan to be on board at sunset or evening. Take several swimsuits, coverups, large-brimmed hats, and sandals for the many photos you’ll want to take on board, and a beach towel to lounge on during the day as you soak in the sunshine and take in the beauty of the sea. Waterproof baggies are perfect for holding your phone or other electronics you won’t want to get wet, and anti-seasickness medicine is always good to have along, just in case.


A good charter service will offer a yachting excursion package with a dedicated yachting crew to provide everything you could ever need for endless enjoyment— from excursion options and snorkeling to lounging with craft cocktails and a thoughtful culinary experience created by your personal chef.

But if you’re sailing on a yacht and don’t know the crew, you could consider packing a few of these non-essential items that will make your trip even more enjoyable. Since many boats are known to be less than reliable when it comes to wifi or phone service, it’s a well-traveled hack to pack your favorite DVDs and CDs for entertainment onboard. Games like playing cards or books and magazines are also great add-ons to elevate your seaside experience.

Passports and Visas

When setting out to sea, you’ll want to be sure you have proper documentation on board. Bring copies of your passport and VISA and share your insurance contact details with the crew. Knowing that the competent yachting staff has everything necessary in the low chance of an emergency will give you the peace of mind you need.

Things You Can Leave on Shore

Besides your stress and the cares of the world, you can leave a few items at home that won’t be useful on board. Tanning oil has a tendency to stain yacht fittings, so be sure to check with the crew before bringing an unwanted brand. With a culinary chef and personal bartender on board, you can leave all snacks and cooking utensils in your kitchen where they belong. First aid kits can always be found on board a ship, and any expensive jewelry or family heirlooms are better left behind.

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